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"I want  to thank
 anyone  who spends
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Stephen Soderbergh

in his 2001 Oscar
acceptance speech

The Dorsey Studios Green Room

Relax and catch up on all the news... the actors, the agents, the casting directors ...

the business of show business!  

Song & Dance, learn what casting directors and agents have to say about the training available through Dorsey Studios. 

Also meet some of our students and read their success stories. From newcomers to rising stars, they're in the game, and using what they've learned at Dorsey Studios to succeed. 

Be sure to check out
Role Credits - here you'll find out who's doing what and where. You may even recognize a few names!

If you're a former student, be sure to let us know what you're doing. 


We'll include your accomplishments in our next update!
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Song & Dance: What agents, casting directors, and actors are saying about dorsey studios
what agents and casting directors are saying about Dorsey Studios
"Persons who can act will get the jobs regardless of whether the jobs are for television, stage, or films. Dorsey Studios is committed to helping people learn to act."
Kathy Hardegree
President & Owner
Atlanta Models and Talent, Inc. (AMT)
"It is my true belief that training is so important for people to become marketable, not only for beginning students, but also people need to continue to train..."
Shay Griffin
Owner/Casting Director
The Chez Agency
"I am very familiar with the acting technique(s) taught by Dorsey Studios. I believe this technique to be the best possible for all forms of acting...whether it be for film, television, or stage."
Stratton Leopold
Casting Director/Producer
what actors are saying about Dorsey Studios
"...Let me tell you about LA...convey to your students how difficult it must really be able to act and have their SAG card.  Skill is recognized here.  I have yet to find a teacher like you, Sandra...nobody looks out for their students' well being like you.  I should have listened to everything you said, it would have saved me time. I urge all your students to listen to your advice...thank you for being such a wonderful teacher.
Aurora Cravens
Actor (LA)
"You helped me build the foundation upon which my acting technique is based...intent!"
Robert Pralgo
Actor (Atlanta)
"I've taken classes at other very reputable schools, but none of them compare to Dorsey all.  Other schools' programs are geared toward teaching the class, whereas Ms. with the individual to bring out their inner-actor.  To say that Sandra Dorsey really knows her stuff is an understatement."
Marquita M. Brown
Actor (Atlanta)
...five, six, seven, eight take it from the top

Are you a former student? 

We'd love to hear how your experience at Dorsey Studios has helped you professionally. 

email us!

Dorsey Studios Role Credits: Who's doing what and where
who's doing what and where

jan harrelson

has been working in the LA market
ed corbin continues to do movie roles in LA
ginger rosen received glowing notices as the lead in her latest Atlanta project "Driving Ms. Daisy"
laura whyte lives in Chicago and continues to work professionally in  theatre and film

steve friday

toured nationally in "The Buddy Holly Story," and continues working in NYC with his "Steve Friday Band"

janet arneau

lives in NYC.  In her latest project, a new play reading with James Gandolfini (Tony of "The Sopranos"), Janet was very pleased that "Tony" complemented her
acting - many times!

jon mcdonald

is in his second season at The Highlands Playhouse, N.C. 

brian lane green

now lives in NYC and is enjoying an acting and singing career including film, Shakespeare repertory, and cabaret dates

aurora cravens

lives and works in LA. She has performed in at least 10 shows since moving from Atlanta

shelly cox

recently starred in a Lifetime Series episode

sharon blackwood

filmed with Mary Kay Place in March 2002, and appeared in "Remember the Titans" starring Denzel Washington

j'aime perkins

has been offered a long touring contract for a play presented at colleges and universities throughout the US

chase tatum

recently completed 2 films to be released in Winter 2002

hobie vaughn

performed in "Il Trovatore" with the Atlanta Opera, and can be seen in a national Pontiac commercial

bill kaufman

is now a producer/director.  His film documentary on the life of Amelia Earhardt has been released

robert pralgo

guest starred on the Showtime series "Going to California"

allison williams
lauren maxwell

are appearing at the Cobb Playhouse in "Dancing at Lughansa," May 17-June 15 

donnie weeks

is appearing at Atlanta's FirstStage Theatre in "Telling William Tell," May 17-June 2. Donnie also recently appeared in "Bells are Ringing" at Stage Door Players

anne mccarthy

appeared in Theatre in the Square's production of "Pygmalion"

shelley rachanow

directed "Summer and Smoke" for Off Off Peachtree Theatre

john carter

directs/writes and produces theatrical films and commercials at his own production company in Washington, DC

mark carter

works for Wide Open Films in Atlanta

katie hughey

appeared in "Bells are Ringing" at Stage Door Players

caron bishop

worked as production stage manager at Julliard in NYC, and is now production stage manager at the Berkshire Festival in Massachusetts

jane street

continues to appear in 5 or 6 stage productions a year in a wide range of leading roles

michelle vandenbroeck

lives and works in LA

tim mcnally

appeared last season in "Lovers and Other Strangers" and "Summer and Smoke"

john jones

performed in "Man of LaMancha" at the Lyric Theatre and in "Bells are Ringing" at Stage Door Players

mathew ryan

is studying with Ms. Dorsey in NYC and is continuing his acting and modeling career

peggy chippeaux
david deutschle
elizabeth mckeon
sarah stanley
david ramsey 

appeared in Tennessee Williams' "Summer and Smoke"

cristal clark
donnie weeks
allison williams
tim mcnally
kelly tippens
wendell franklin
lauren maxwell
michelle biddle-rowland 

appeared in Renee Taylor/Joseph Bologna's "Lovers and Other Strangers," directed by Ms. Dorsey

tricia helton 

was stage manager for "Lovers and Other Strangers"

daniel reynolds 

ran the lights for "Summer and Smoke"
...five, six, seven, eight take it from the top

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